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New version of Partner Center

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  • 11/08/2018 8:31 PM

In the first phase, that will be available for our Partners during the week of July 17, PCPC will offer new features related to the license management. The new Change licenses button will allow our Partners:

  • To increase the number of licenses of the product that the customer has, keeping the same end-of-services date that the existing licenses have. Doing that way it is not needed to create a new asset.
  • To renew in advance. It will be possible to renew the licenses of the clients up to one year before the expiration date of their services, without generating new lines of parallel assets, simply extending the date of end of services in one, two or three years.
Also, the change licenses screen will pre-calculate the number of licenses that are necessary for every operation, so that the Partner always knows if he has licenses enough to complete the operation or not.

Finally, to be able to use this feature, the customer needs to have a single asset of the product. In case that he has more than one, it will be necessary to use the grouping licenses option.

In the second phase we will modify the Partner Center console to include the new feature Add modules and the license pools of the new Patch Management module. This second phase will be published once we launch Patch Management. We will keep you informed about the exact date.


With this new feature we introduce the module concept, changing the way we were using to assign modules until now. It will not be necessary to have all the pools of the different combinations between products and modules. From this version Partners will be able to add a module dynamically to a base product, that could have, or not, another modules.

  • At the moment, this functionality will only be available for the new Patch Management module, and it is the first step to have this operation with all the modules.
  • In addition, in the Add modules screen we can assign the Data Control and ART trials.
  • Finally, from this version the license pools of the Patch Management module will be available.


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