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Panda PCSM WannaCry Component

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With regards to the Wannacry attack and the need of the customer to patch his network, we have created a PCSM component that detects if the associated KB is installed and if not, installs it.

Additionally, we have also created an executable file that can be deployed by any other tool (SCCM, login script, EPP policies, etc).

  • Panda WannaCry tool

    Please keep in mind that the decision to apply the patch MUST COME from the administrator.
    And he/she must be aware that it is a Panda tool to help, we cannot warranty it will work in 100% of the cases.
    So if it works in 99% of his endpoints, we would not support the troubleshooting of the 1% of the network trying to find why the patching has not worked.

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